Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ajancingenia yanshini

After more than 30 years, the oviraptorid "Ingenia" yanshini finally got a new name: officially, it is now Ajancingenia yanshini. This dinosaur, first described in 1981 by Rinchen Barsbold from a fragmentary skeleton, was originally christened "Ingenia" but this generic name turns out to be preoccupied by a nematode worm therefore necessitating a new denomination. The paper announcing the change of name was published in Zootaxa by one Jesse Easter and all sounded very well until I saw THIS!  Shame on you, Mr Easter, this is not cool... not cool at all.


R. Barsbold. 1981. Bezzubyye khishchnyye dinozavry Mongolii [Toothless carnivorous dinosaurs of Mongolia]. Sovmestnaia Sovetsko-Mongol’skaia Paleontologicheskaia Ekspeditsiia Trudy 15:28-39

J. Easter. 2013. A new name for the oviraptorid dinosaur "Ingenia" yanshini (Barsbold, 1981; preoccupied by Gerlach, 1957).  Zootaxa. 3737(2), 184-190.

M. Mortimer. Theropod Database information on "Ingenia" published! ... by someone else

A. Cau. Il preoccupante caso del preoccupato Ingenia [AGGIORNAMENTO]

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