Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spinops: my very own personal paleoart portfolio

Once upon a while, scientists came with really catchy dinosaur names. Examples of cool generic nomina include Dracorex (the “dragon king”), Raptorex (the “king thief”), Cryptoraptor (the “hidden thief”), Brontosaurus (the “thunder lizard”) and Diabloceratops (the “devil horn face”). Shame that some of those critters turn out to be invalid and too bad scientific names cannot be recycled! Others are just plain awful. For (at least) English speakers, there are real tongue twisters such as Bruhatkayosaurus (fortunately this one might just be a hoax [great post from Matt Martyniuk]), Futalognkosaurus (do I even get the spelling right?), Krzyzanowskisaurus, Naashoibitosaurus

 Among the recently allocated names, Spinops is one of the best I came across: it is short, easy to remember and combines those of two of the most iconic dinosaurs, Spinosaurus and Triceratops. Good reasons to use it for my new paleoart portfolio website, before somebody else get the same idea… 

I’ve just started, and so far it has only some 140 images in it as I have to go through all my folders and hard drives to check what I've done since 2007. The nice thing about this online portfolio is that it is wholly searchable (type for instance “plesiosaur” if you want to see these only), and illustrations can be arranged by group or production date. Have a look


  1. I would have to say the most absurd dino names include Drinker, Pisanosaurus, and Irritator. I think some of the best names are Velociraptor, Sauroposeidon, and Carnotaurus. I'm sure we all have our particular favorites and least favorites though.

  2. Brilliant stuff Nobu, its nice to see all of your great material in one place, look forward to seeing the rest, its very helpful indeed. Dean